The MÜNCHNER KREIS organizes the following events, held regularly in German and English:

– Discussion Groups
At these “workshops” a small number of experts from the fields of  academia, economics, public policy and the media meet to discuss emerging questions and research findings, establish what action needs to be taken to proceed and, if necessary, set about initiating the next steps.

– Conferences
These events are aimed at both a general and an expert audience and deal with specific issues in the fields of ICT and media. At these events, which usually last one day, the latest information and alternative solutions are presented and discussed.

– Member Conferences
These conferences for members only serve primarily to prepare for larger events and other activities such as the documentation of current issues. Only a few selected non-members are invited to join members as participating experts.

In addition to the events held in various German cities, the MÜNCHNER KREIS also sponsors international conferences abroad. MÜNCHNER KREIS members also speak regularly conferences in the USA, Asia, and Europe.

Research Studies
To achieve its goals, the MÜNCHNER KREIS periodically initiates research studies on current or fundamental issues. Such studies are conducted in cooperation with members and/or other institutions. The results of this research are made public for discussion.